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While driving home from work in Houston, Texas, a multiple automobile accident gave birth to what is now known as Unseen Wings. One vehicle, just a swerve away from being involved, was carrying John R. Bunton. He had no idea this incident was going to start a wonderful and fascinating journey.

John ran through the debris to help the people in a van that now lay on its passenger side, fuel pouring from its tank. Inside, the van’s five occupants were piled on top of one another in a tangle of arms and legs. They had not been wearing their seatbelts. John and another motorist tore the rear door open and freed the shaken family from the car. Amazingly, no one was injured.

As John drove home that night a thought struck him.
How many angels must God send to keep a town as big as Houston and its people safe?"

That thought sparked an idea that became an obsession. John began to picture angels everywhere he looked;
with children on a playground, with people crossing the street, with the window washer on the tall buildings downtown. Although he had no background in photography or a strong knowledge of angels, John packed all of his possessions and left a comfortable job in Houston to return home to Abilene, Texas. Without a camera, wings or robes, John embarked on a mission that continues today. "I soon realized that when the good Lord needs you to do something, regardless of your ability, He will be your guide and light your path."